CarMax Near Me – Find CarMax Locations Near Me

CarMax Near Me

Do you really want to buy a car that suits your lifestyle? Locate any CarMax near me today to purchase a car with guarantee, sell your car, get used cars or pick up trucks for sale with 24 hour test drives and money back guarantee.

CarMax, Who They Are?

CarMax, Inc. is a used vehicle retailer based in the United States. It operates two business segments: CarMax Sales Operations and CarMax Auto Finance.

The corporate entity behind the formation of CarMax was Circuit City Stores, Inc. The first CarMax retail location opened in September 1993 in Richmond, Virginia. As of May 2021, CarMax operates 225 locations.

While CarMax stores focus on marketing used vehicles, the company acquired its first new car franchise with Chrysler Corporation in 1996.

By 1999, it added new vehicle franchises for Mitsubishi Motors, Toyota, and Nissan.

In late 2021, CarMax sold its last new vehicle dealership, located in Kenosha, Wisconsin, to the Rydell Company.

CarMax Near Me – How To Find One

CarMax Near Me
CarMax Near Me – CarMax Locations Near Me

You can search for used cars, research vehicle models and compare cars, all online with CarMax search tool.

According to CarMax, there are more than 237 CarMax store locations Nationwide which offers more ways than ever to Shop for your next car.

You can start by browsing the largest used car inventory in the nation through CarMax, If the one you love isn’t nearby, they can ship it to your closest store or deliver it to you (shipping fee and restrictions may apply).

Find CarMax Near Me Searching For Your City Or Zip Code

• CarMax has UpTo 237 CarMax stores which you can find near you when you type in your city, state or zip code in the bar and search,

• CarMax will display list of their CarMax locations near me to shop your favorite cars,

• Visit the store near your current location to get an instant offer and a 24 hour CarMax test home drives.

CarMax Near Me Hours Today

CarMax has it’s operational hours for their business as there is a service and repair hours, car lot and showroom hours etc…

• Car lot & showroom hours
Sunday 11AM–7PM
Monday – Friday 10AM–9PM
Saturday 9AM–9PM
• Service & repair hours
Monday – Friday 7:30AM–6PM

How CarMax Store Near Me Works?

  • Choose Your Favorite Car

Once you find a car to buy, decide how you want it and CarMax will call to talk next steps.

  • Buy Your Favorite Car

Fill in your details from home or anywhere in the world, CarMax provide remote support along the way.

  • E-sign Your Car Purchase

Once your order is all set, CarMax will schedule your delivery or express pick-up for your car.

Note: Take a full 30 days (up to 1,500 miles) to decide if the car you buy is right for your life with their Love Your Car Guarantee.

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FAQ On CarMax Near Me

1. Can I Buy Car Online?

Yes, you can buy online and get it delivered or pick it up at CarMax.

To buy a car online, choose a car and request delivery or express pickup from the car’s detail page.

You will be asked to create or sign into your MyCarMax account.

Once your request is received and confirmed, CarMax will guide you through the steps you’ll take to buy your car:

2. Is Buying Online The Only Way To A Car On CarMax?

No, it’s just one way to buy a car at CarMax. You can buy online or at your nearest CarMax locations near me.

For anyone who wants to purchase their car at the store, you can still take care of many details from home, including your financing and trade-in offer.

No matter how you want to get your next car – online, in store, or a little of both – you can at CarMax.

3. How To Get My Car If I Buy One?

You can get it delivered or pick it up at your nearest CarMax store.

Delivery is available within 60 miles of their stores in select markets.

4. What Are The Payment Options On CarMax?

You can finance with any CarMax near me, finance with your preferred lender, or pay cash.

5. Requirements Needed To Buy A Car From CarMax?

Documentation varies by customer depending on payment method, and most documentation is requested in support of a finance offer or trade-in offer.

To complete your transaction, you may be required to provide any or all of the following:

• Valid driver’s license
• Proof of insurance (required for all vehicle sales)
• Proof of income
• Proof of residence
• Address variance (when address on credit application is different than address on credit report)
• Proof of phone.

Documentation not listed above may also be required, and your specific documentation requirements will be detailed for you.

For customers buying online, uploads are made in a password-protected, secure environment.

6. Does CarMax Comes With CarMax Limited Warranty

Yes. All of their used cars are CarMax Certified and come with a 90-Day/4,000-Mile (whichever comes first) Limited Warranty.

Why CarMax Finance?

• Their finance sources accommodate a wide range of customers, including first-time buyers.

• It’s no pressure, hassle-free, and your financing choice never alters the price of your car.

• Get pre-approved to get an idea of what you can spend on a used car.

If you find other financing after you buy, use their 3-day payoff program.

Wrapping Up On CarMax Near Me

CarMax offer flexibility with their industry-leading Love Your Car Guarantee, including 24-hour test drives and 30-day returns (up to 1500 mi.), and today they are delivering iconic car buying experiences unlike any you have seen before.

CarMax Near Me – Find CarMax Locations Near Me

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