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The benefits of using a Wawa credit card is enticing to everyone as you can apply for a Wawa Credit Card and enjoy a smarter way to pay at the gas pump and also make use of the Wawa Credit Card to save on every gallon, every day, at every filling station.

Incase you might be wondering about Wawa, Who they are? Wawa, Inc. is an American chain of convenience stores and gas stations located along the East Coast of the United States, operating in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Washington, D.C., and Florida.

The company’s corporate headquarters is located in the Wawa area of Chester Heights, Pennsylvania in Greater Philadelphia.

Does Wawa Have A Credit Card?

Wawa Credit Card
Wawa Credit Card Login – Wawa Credit Card Payment

Yes, Wawa inc do have a credit card which saves you 50¢ per gallon for the first month after your account open date.

After that, you only get to save 5¢ per gallon on every gallon you fill up everyday.

What Are The Benefits Of Wawa Credit Card?

  1. Pay-at-the-pump convenience
  2. Manage your account online: Review unbilled charges and current statements, and make and schedule your payments.
  3. Keep track of fuel purchases separately: Perfect for tracking your budget. Also helps keep your credit open for “big ticket” purchases.
  4. Flexible terms: Option to make the minimum payment due or pay in full.
  5. Additional cards at no cost: Put your whole family’s fuel purchases on one statement.
  6. $0 Liability for unauthorized charges.

Wawa Credit Card Requirements?

The personal application requirements are first and last name, home address, phone number, date of birth and social security number, and email address.

The financial gas card application requirements are residence status (rent, own, or other), monthly mortgage or rent payment, and annual salary and wages.

Applications can also provide any other additional income if applicable.

How To Apply For Wawa Credit Card?

The easiest way to apply for the Wawa Credit Card is online but you can also do it by calling (800) 251-6781.

The minimum credit score needed to qualify for this card is 640.

That means you must have fair credit score to get / apply for the Wawa Credit Card.

Where Can I Use Wawa Credit Card?

The Wawa Credit Card is a closed-loop card. This means it doesn’t operate on any credit card networks.

In other words, you can only use the Wawa Credit Card on gas at any Wawa gas stations near me.

If you try to use the card somewhere else, it simply won’t work.

Wawa Credit Card Payment – How To Use?

Simply register your Wawa Gift Card or your Wawa Rewards Key Card to your Wawa Rewards account and use either card or the Wawa app when making make eligible purchases at Wawa stores.

Your eligible purchases will automatically count towards the U.S. $50 rewards threshold.

Wawa Credit Card Login

Sign in or login to your wawa credit card account to manage your transactions online.

According to wallethub, You can also check your Wawa Credit Card balance: Online through Citi’s mobile banking app for iOS and Android or by calling (855) 207-9816.

Why You Should Choose Wawa Credit Card?

The Wawa Credit Card comes with a $0 annual fee, has a 26.49% variable APR, and a welcome offer of 50 cents back per gallon for the first month. After that, you earn 5 cents per gallon.

By signing up for Wawa Credit Card Account Online, you’ll enjoy fast and secure access to your account information any time online.

  • Review recent statements
  • Schedule payments
  • Pay your bill online
  • Update your account profile
  • Download easy-to-read reports

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